Things You Don't Know About UV Varnish Next Episode



Things You Don't Know About UV Varnish Next Episode

                                                                                      Things you don't know about UV varnish ---next episode


3. There are dust spots in the varnish

If it is a normal printing environment or there is a lot of dust on the surface of the material, raised particles will be formed in the varnish part of the material. For this problem, we suggest cleaning the material surface with an alcohol mat before printing, or a dust-free workshop would be better.


4. There are streaks in the varnish

The main reason for this problem is related to the print head, varnish leveling condition, and the speed of the UV light. It is necessary to check the print head condition, adjust the amount of the varnish or adjust the speed of UV light.


5. Varnish becomes thick or there is a gel phenomenon

Due to the long storage time of varnish, or in a high-temperature storage environment, in a lighting storage environment, the varnish thickens or becomes a gel. The varnish should be used within the validity period and it is recommended to store at 20-35℃ in a ventilated and dark environment.


Another point is that the varnish produced by different manufacturers can’t be mixed.


Since the application of varnish is more and more extensive. It is helpful to know what will cause varnish problems and how to solve them in the printing process.

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