What Is The Encoder Strip Of UV Flatbed Printer? What's The Function? Next Episode



What Is The Encoder Strip Of UV Flatbed Printer? What's The Function? Next Episode

What is the encoder strip of UV flatbed printer? what's the function? next episode

When we hear the problems described earlier, we should pay attention to checking whether the encoder strip is smooth and clean, whether it has been reasonably protected from light, and at the same time ensure that there are no unnecessary touches.

Because once there is any stain or dust accumulation on the surface of the encoder strip of the UV flatbed printer, the encoder sensor will not be able to perceive and obtain the scale number, and it will not be able to accurately measure the moving range, resulting in inaccurate printing positioning.

The solution is also very simple: you can use a clean cloth or an absorbent cotton cloth to add some alcohol, and gently wipe the UV flatbed printer encoder strip in one direction from the beginning to the end, do not wipe back and forth, so as to ensure the smoothness of the surface.

This not only maintains the encoder strip but also maintains the stability of the entire machine. The above are personal opinions. If you have better suggestions or opinions, please leave a message for discussion; or if you are interested in our machine, you can also leave a message for consultation~




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