What Is The Function Of The Ink Absorption Mat?



What Is The Function Of The Ink Absorption Mat?

                                                                      What is the function of the Ink absorption mat?

The Ink absorption mat as a important accessories,which used to absorb the waste ink of the nozzle and keep uv flatbed printer nozzle automatic moisturizing function.It mainly has the following three functions:

One,Ink absorption.When the UV flatbed printer has a slight blockage,you can use an Ink absorption mat while cleaning,suck out the ink and make it smooth.

Two,dust prevention.Prevent uv flatbed printer blocking when the nozzle is not working on the dust.

Three, when not working,keep the nozzle in micro air pressure can keep wet at all times, so the nozzle is not easy to break the line.

How to solve the problem When the Ink absorption failure occurs?

If the Ink absorption mat can not absorb ink ,reasons may have the following six:

One,the sealing rubber ring is the core of the ink absorption pad is damaged,so it needs to be replaced.

Two,the ink absorption pad is blocked,soak that with a cleaning fuild.

Three,the spring at the bottom of the ink absorption pad has been deformed for a long time,resulting in inking failure, and the spring needs to be replaced.

Four,replace the refill tube under the ink absorption pad when it was not properly connected and resulting in air leakage.

Five,the ink absorption pad cannot be completely sealed with the nozzle and the alignment is not correct ,need to be adjusted the position of the ink stack in the printer setting.

Six,check if peristaltic pump is broken and replaced.

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