Why Does Nuocai Company No Accept OA Payment Term For Transactions?




1. Machine Model:NC-UV0609XIII;

2. Printing Size:60*90cm;

3. Print head :3pcs Xaar1201;

4. Printing Color:CMYK+WWWW+VVVV;

5. Software:FlexiPRINT;

6. Ink Type:UV Ink;

7. Power Requirement:AC220/110V±10,50HZ~60HZ;

8. Image Format:Tiff,Jpg,Eps,Pdf,Png,AI,Psd;

9. Environment:Temperature:20℃-28℃,Humidity:35%-65%;

10. Printing Height:0-14cm;

11. Printing diameter:Φ3-8cm;

12. Dimension:158*148*62cm(L*W*H);

13. Packing size: 181*167*96cm(L*W*H)=2.90cbm;

14. N.W./G.W.:  170KG/300KG;

15. H.S code: 84433213.00

Why Does Nuocai Company No Accept OA Payment Term For Transactions?

Why does Nuocai company not accept O/A payment term for transactions?

Many customers ask if they can purchase the machines with O/A payment term or not. OA payment term means delivery first, payment later. This payment term is not available for us.

The following are the specific reasons.

(1) As a manufacturer, we need to always keep a standing inventory of 100-150 units for each machine, and keep sufficient all kinds of accessories and consumables, so that we can deliver the goods to the customers immediately. This requires us to always have large sums of money in advance.

(2) In order to meet market demand and improve sales, 15%-20% of our annual revenue is used for research and development, and the R&D costs is huge.

(3) At present, we have many agents and terminal users selling or using our machines from all over the world. We must guarantee cash flow in order to provide customers with the best quality service.

We can conclude in this way, as a manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales, and after-sales, we need enough cash flow to make the whole company work normal, that is why can not we accept OA payment term, hope all the customers understand as well.




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