Using UV printer, you must know this knowledge



1. NC-UV0609XIII uv printer, 5th generation a1 format uv printer which launched in 2019, 60*90cm print size(60*87cm when prints with varnish), 13cm print height, 3pcs Xaar 1201 heads, CMYK + WWWW + VVVV printing version.

2. Fashionable and gorgeous design by Italian designer. Machine body cover made by multiple sets of sheet metal molds.

3. The body cover protects the operator from accidental injury, and the acrylic cover prevents the UV light from hurting eyes.

4. Vacuum table helps to fix the extremely thin printing materials.

5. Lead screw bearing ensure the accurate stepping alignment on Y axis.

6. 3pcs Xaar 1201 heads give the high resolution printing with cmyk + wwww + VVVV (varnish).

7. It prints with 13cm print height and 0-13mm printing drop distance which allow to print on various kinds of materials with even or uneven surface.

8. Temperature and humidity control alarm?function in board helps to adjust and keep the best printing condition of the printer.

Using UV printer, you must know this knowledge

Using UV printer, you must know this knowledge

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As one uv printer of Nocai brand, 0609XIIIs appearance is impeccable,

With the advantages of printing and taking without plate making, it quickly occupied one market. And the 2400dpi color pattern is formed at one time, with 3D embossed varnish printing, the effect is even more impressive. The most important point, It is also the most powerful point, 13mm high drop printing, no matter your product is flat or concave-convex, it can completely handle , but daily maintenance is essential. As the core component of the UV printer, the print head will be a large cost once damaged. Therefore the operator must not be sloppy, the printing speed cannot keep up with the silk screen printing process, want to see the printing physical samples? move your fingers to chat with me privately




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