Precautions When Using UV Flatbed Printer Ink Cartridges



Precautions When Using UV Flatbed Printer Ink Cartridges

                                                                           Precautions when using UV flatbed printer ink cartridges

Many people think that the ink cartridge is just a container for ink. As long as the ink cartridge does not leak ink or break, it can be used continuously. This is actually wrong.

No matter how good the ink quality is, there are still impurities and corrosiveness . After adding ink for many times, some impurities or dust will be brought into the ink cartridge. With the flow of ink, they will be absorbed and accumulated on the filter of the ink cartridge , probably get the filters blocked , cause the ink to flow sluggishly, disconnection during printing or other problems, and in serious cases, there will be failures such as inability to print.

When adding ink, it should not be too full.

The frequency of adding ink is best to be small but many times, so as to avoid ink waste. Excessive amount will cause ink leakage during use of the ink cartridge.

Therefore, after the ink cartridge has been used for a certain period of time, it is best to replace it to avoid failure. Again, prevention is more important than maintenance. I hope the above content is helpful to you; if you are interested in our uv flatbed printer, please leave us a message.




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