How To Print With Varnish?



How To Print With Varnish?

                                                                                                             How to print with varnish?

The printing of varnish makes the samples look very bright and more vivid. The surface of the unvarnished sample will appear much duller than the varnished sample, so this is why the varnished sample is applied.

Today's focus is to teach you how to print varnish well.

Open the drawing software ps (photoshop) to process the picture first, and then start to do spot color processing to the picture, hold down the Ctrl key and click the processed picture, then you can see that the picture is selected (with a dotted frame), Then click on the channel, click on the icon in the upper right corner, drop-down, and select "New Spot Color Channel". This step needs to be repeated twice. Note that the numbers "3" and "4" need to be filled in for the name. The filling of the numbers is also particular. : Channels 1 and 2 are spot color channels for white ink, and channels 3 and 4 are spot color channels for varnish. Then adjust the CMYK parameters in the two layers. The above is the operation of the computer software, and the operation of the printing system also needs to be adjusted according to the actual situation to achieve the desired effect.

Here we do two kinds of varnish treatments, one is full-spread varnish and the other is partial varnish. The printing of full varnish is only suitable for dust-free workshops, otherwise, it is inevitable that dust in the air will fall on the product during printing, which will affect the printing effect; partial varnish is printed on the surface of the finished product. The contrast can improve the texture grade of the product and present a special feeling. Compared with full-spread varnish, we recommend that you use partial varnish for printing.

The above is the varnish treatment of the UV flatbed printer that I brought to you. I hope to provide you with some help, and I hope it can effectively help everyone.




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