How To Save More Money When Need Repair Your UV Flatbed Printer?



How To Save More Money When Need Repair Your UV Flatbed Printer?

                                                                                                           How to save more money when need repair your UV flatbed printer?

When the UV flatbed printer fails, most people will adhere to the mentality of "use it if it can be used, and repair it if it cannot be repaired". In fact, this kind of thinking is very incorrect. If there is a problem, what can be done is to solve it as soon as possible to avoid greater losses. Of course, you can't expect that the equipment will never fail, which is impossible.

So how to save more money when need repair your UV flatbed printer?

1. Repairing by yourself saves more money than sending technicians from manufacturers.

Unless there is a major fault that cannot be solved by yourself or problems that can be solved by telephone, remote video, tutorials, etc., do not consider asking the manufacturer to send an engineer. First, the cost of time is high, and the equipment cannot be used to generate benefits, and rent, staff wages, and operating expenses are all continuous expenses. The longer the delay, the greater the loss; second, the after-sales cost is high, and the customer needs to be responsible for the transportation and accommodation cost of the manufacturer's engineer. For overseas home maintenance, the cost is very high.

2. Buying widgets locally or online is cheaper than getting them from the manufacturer.

Aside from some large or custom parts, common switches, buttons, screws, conduits, etc., can be purchased from local hardware stores or online, while the manufacturer's price will be slightly higher. Also, it takes time for delivery, and the customer has to bear the transportation cost.

3. It is cheaper to replace in advance than to repair.

Many parts of the UV flatbed printer have a fixed service life, such as ink tubes, ink cartridges, limit switches, etc., which need to be replaced in 6-8 months, there is no need to wait for a fault to be eliminated or replaced, which will affect production effectiveness.

Know that prevention is cheaper than maintenance, and proper practice can reduce the time and frequency of maintenance and save a lot of trouble. Hope the above content is helpful to you; If you are interested in our UV flatbed printer, please leave us a message.




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