What Is The Cause Of The Flying Ink Printed By The UV Printer And How To Solve It



What Is The Cause Of The Flying Ink Printed By The UV Printer And How To Solve It

                                          What is the cause of the flying ink printed by the UV printer and how to solve it?

When we use UV printers, the problem we are most worried about is that we will encounter flying ink when printing patterns. As we all know, the products printed by UV printers are high-precision products. If there is a problem of flying ink during printing, it will cause printed product is not ideal and affects the printing effect.

So what causes the printer to fly ink? Is there any way to solve this problem? Below is a summary of three common causes of ink jetting in UV flatbed printer nozzles and the corresponding solutions.

First: The nozzle of the UV printer equipment is disconnected, print a test strip, and check the status of the nozzle. If it is found that it is blocked, it is empty, etc., it is necessary to clean the channel of the nozzle to keep it unobstructed.

Second: The distance between the UV printer nozzle and the substrate is too high

The reasonable height is generally 2-3 mm, and the distance from the substrate is between 2 and 13 mm depending on the jetting force of the nozzle. If it exceeds the spray force range of the nozzle itself, it will cause the phenomenon of flying ink. It is only necessary to reduce the distance between the nozzle and the substrate.

Third: Static electricity generated during printing

In the case of dry environment and low humidity, it is easy to generate static electricity, resulting in electrostatic influence between the nozzle and the material. Only need to apply a layer of alcohol on the surface of the material to remove static electricity or install ground wire and static removal device to solve the problem.

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