Why Do We Need To Print Samples Before Mass Production With UV Flatbed Printer?



Why Do We Need To Print Samples Before Mass Production With UV Flatbed Printer?

                                                                         Why do we need to print samples before mass production with UV flatbed printer? 


There are the advantages of UV flatbed printers that no plate making process, no drying plate process, and no color registration process. No matter for one color pattern printing, colorful pattern printing, or gradient color pattern printing, it can be printed at one time. In order to avoid color deviation, detail error, and so on problems, we need to print samples before we do the mass production by UV flatbed printer.


Sample printing by UV flatbed printer is a prerequisite for mass printing. It allows customers to check the final printing effect before mass production, so as to avoid errors in mass production.


Samples printing by UV flatbed printer firstly has the following benefits:


1. It can help customers to check whether the text, images, colors, page settings, and other information contained in the printed pattern are correct so that they can be modified in time.


2. It can be used as a contract sample between the printing companies and customers.


3. It is an important basis for printing quality control, which can reduce disputes between printing companies and customers due to unsatisfactory printing results, saving time and effort.


Therefore, sample printing firstly is very important. The higher the precision of the pattern, the better the printing effect. With a clear and realistic pattern, the ideal printing effect can be achieved.


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