Why Is The Printing Speed Of UV Flatbed Printer Slow In Mass Production? How To Improve?



Why Is The Printing Speed Of UV Flatbed Printer Slow In Mass Production? How To Improve?

                                                                                   Why is the printing speed of UV flatbed printer slow in mass production? How to improve?


Generally speaking, the speed of UV flatbed printer, most manufacturers refer to the theoretical printing speed, but it is not the actual speed during mass production. Many factors can affect printing speed during mass production. Here we will share the factors, and tell how to improve the speed.


Printing speed in mass production, including but not limited to the printing time required by the printer with different printing resolutions and different ink printing thickness, the time for placing the products to the platform and removing the printed products, the time for the pre-processing work like wiping alcohol or coating.


So how to increase the speed of mass production?


1. Increase the quantity of UV flatbed printers.


2. Make at least 2 sets of molds to place the products. In this way, we can place the other set of products well before one set of products is finished printing. It can realize the non-stop printing of the UV flatbed printer, and save more time.


3. Train the staff to be more professional. The speed of skilled staff in dealing with pre-processing work, drawing pictures, and setting the printing software would be much faster, and the scrap rate would be lower.


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