Why Is There A Banding After Printing? What Is The Solution?



Why Is There A Banding After Printing? What Is The Solution?

                                                                            Why is there a banding after printing? What is the solution?

There is banding in the printing of UV flatbed printers, which is unavoidable.

in theory, and the mechanical error cannot be eliminated to 0. But the less the bandings and the less it will affect the quality of printing

What are the reasons for the patterns to generate a banding?

Printing feathering is too low

The opening of feathering is to make the link between the ink dots smooth during the printing process so that the effect of the pattern is more natural. The leveling of UV ink itself is poor, and the gap between ink dots is relatively large. It is necessary to adjust the feathering value appropriately according to the effect of different patterns to reduce the influence of the banding.

Y-axis belt lose

After the Y-axis belt runs for a long time, it will be loose. At this time, it only needs to be tightened and adjusted. If the y-axis is driven by a screw, remember to apply lubricating. oil regularly for maintenance.

The print head is in poor condition, the test line is broken

At this time, the printing should be suspended, and the test line should be checked. If there are broken lines or floating lines, the nozzle needs to be cleaned.

It is recommended that the UV flatbed printer must print a test line before printing every day, observe the status of the nozzle in time, and wait for everything to be confirmed before proceeding. I hope the above content is helpful to you; if you are interested in our UV flatbed printer, please leave us a message

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