How Much Is The Ink Cost Of A Vacuum Bottle?




1.Machine Model: NC-Cylinder Eif;

2.Print head : 3pcs Xaar 1201;

3.Printing Color: CMYK+WWWWWW+V V V V; 

4.Software: RIIN Rip Software;

5.Ink Type: UV Ink;

6.Power Requirement: AC220/110V±10,50HZ~60HZ;

7.Image Format:Tiff,Jpg,Eps,Pdf,Png,AI,Psd;


9.Print cylinder outer diameter: 45-100mm;

10.Print cylinder length: 80-230mm;

11.Print length: Max. 200mm;

12.Print material shape: Cylinder&Conical bottle(not transparent one, no mug);

13.Printer dimension: 159*96*134cm (L*W*H);

14.Packing Size: 170*140*167cm(L*W*H)=3.97cbm; 

15.N.W./G.W.:   235KG/380KG;

16.H.S code: 84433213.00

How Much Is The Ink Cost Of A Vacuum Bottle?

How much is the ink cost of a vacuum bottle?

If you know about our Nocai, then you will know we have a high-speed Cylinder Elf for bottles with mass production purposes.

And some customers may wanna know how much ink will cost to print on a vacuum bottle.

Here let us count together!

1-liter ink is 400RMB(about 60usd/liter), and 1-liter ink can print on about 60 Square meters.

List images whose size is 200*200mm as an example, 1-liter ink can print 1500 pieces of bottles.

The ink price is 400RMB divided by the printable amount of 1500 pieces, the cost to print on a vacuum bottle is about 26 cents in RMB(about 4 cents USD).

For more info needed, just follow us on our video website or follow our Youtube: Nocai Digital Printer, thanks.

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How Much Is The Ink Cost Of A Vacuum Bottle?

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