Preparation After Having Nocai UV Printer NC-UV0406




1. Machine Model:NC-UV0406;

2. Printing Size:40*60cm;

3. Print head :1pcs EPSON XP600;

4. Printing Color:CMYK+WW;

5. Software:FlexiPRINT;

6. Ink Type:UV Ink;

7. Power Requirement:AC220/110V±10,50HZ~60HZ;

8. Image Format:Tiff,Jpg,Eps,Pdf,Png,AI,Psd;

9. Environment:Temperature:20℃-28℃,Humidity:35%-65%;

10. Printing Height:0-18cm;

11. Printing diameter:Φ3-12cm;

12. Dimension:139*90*67cm(L*W*H);

13. Packing size: 162*101*99cm(L*W*H)=1.62cbm;

14. N.W./G.W.:  110KG/200KG;

15. H.S code: 84433213.00

Preparation After Having Nocai UV Printer NC-UV0406

1.Do you feel very confused while you just touch the UV printing business, and even don’t know what to prepare after buying the machine.

2.What we need to preparing after you order UV printer from Nocai?

3.The working environment of the UV machine must maintain a certain temperature and humidity.

4.Generally speaking, the temperature is kept at 20 to 28 degree, and the handling is 35% to 65%.

5.And UV printer you need a Clean and ventilated working environment

6.The table where the machine is placed, ensure it’s stability to place the machine, and protect machine from shaking during working.

7.And the computer that to use the software to drive the printer and design the pictures.

8.Moreover, the persons who handle the printer machine.

9.Welcome to contact us for more, choosing Nocai, not only for sell, but service.



Preparation After Having Nocai UV Printer NC-UV0406

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