How To Avoid Ink Flying During The Use Of The UV Flatbed Printer?




1. Machine Model:NC-UV0609XIII;

2. Printing Size:60*90cm;

3. Print head :3pcs Xaar1201;

4. Printing Color:CMYK+WWWW+VVVV;

5. Software:FlexiPRINT;

6. Ink Type:UV Ink;

7. Power Requirement:AC220/110V±10,50HZ~60HZ;

8. Image Format:Tiff,Jpg,Eps,Pdf,Png,AI,Psd;

9. Environment:Temperature:20℃-28℃,Humidity:35%-65%;

10. Printing Height:0-14cm;

11. Printing diameter:Φ3-8cm;

12. Dimension:158*148*62cm(L*W*H);

13. Packing size: 181*167*96cm(L*W*H)=2.90cbm;

14. N.W./G.W.:  170KG/300KG;

15. H.S code: 84433213.00

How To Avoid Ink Flying During The Use Of The UV Flatbed Printer?

How to avoid ink flying during the use of the uv flatbed printer?

Before we confirm the main reasons of ink flying, we need to know what is the meaning of flying ink?

Flying ink means the uv ink spreads out, resulting in poor print quality, high scrap rate of products. 

So what are the main reasons of ink flying and how to avoid it?

1.The printing height is too high. Generally we should keep the distance from the surface of the print head to the surface of the printing material within 3mm.

2.The indoor temperature and humidity are too low or too high. Generally, we suggest the indoor temperature should be within 20-28 degree centigrade, and the humidity should be within 35%-65%.

3.The machine doesn’t work for a long time, as a result, the ink deposits or the ink expires. In this case, we suggest stirring the ink in the ink tanks, suck the dampers, then manual pump and clean automatically, or directly replace with new ink. 

4.The printing materials have static electricity. So we suggest to wipe the materials with alcohol before printing.

5.Poor print head status. If the print head is used for a long time, the performance of the print head will be reduced. Once the print quality is affected by the print head, kindly replace with the new print head.

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How To Avoid Ink Flying During The Use Of The UV Flatbed Printer?

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