The Advantages Of Nocai NC-UV0609X Printer




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The Advantages Of Nocai NC-UV0609X Printer

                                              The Advantages of Nocai NC-UV0609X Printer


Hi, the topic for this video is the advantages of the NC-UV0609X machine. Last time we already shared the advantages of our machine NC-UV0406 printer, today we will share with you the advantages of our machine NC-UV0609X model.


This printer is with Xaar 1201 print head, which is imported from the UK. And it is with an accuracy of 2400dpi, it is not only suitable for printing exquisite and delicate patterns, but also has the advantage of injection force of up to 13mm. It is not only suitable for flat product printing but also suitable for uneven product printing.


On the bottom plate of the print head, there is a heating device inside, which can adjust the temperature of the print head and make the ink flow smoothly.


In terms of protecting the print heads and products, The print heads here are equipped with an anti-collision sensing device, which can effectively protect the print heads and products.


I believe that in winter or some special moments, most people will encounter the problem of static electricity. For this reason, the machine is equipped with a static electricity elimination device, this one. Which can easily deal with various problems caused by static electricity and solve printing problems.


Look here, we have already upgraded the ink station with the lifting capping system, it is driven by the motor, which can accurately control the position of the print head and protect the print head.


In order to conform to human usage habits, we have already made the control panel on the right side, so that the platform will not block the control panel when it moves forward.


For the platform, it is 60*90cm scale printing platform, it is made of aluminum plate, and the flatness is controlled within 0.1 mm. You can see here the internal honeycomb structure, it is very good, and not easy to deform.


During the printing process, the UV light is dazzling. So here we have already installed the acrylic cover, which can help to avoid the light, and protect the user’s eyes. What is more, it can also avoid the dust falling down here to dirty the ink station.


Inside the body of the machine,  it is equipped with the screw guide rail, here we show you the picture. With this one, it can help the printing to be more accurate, the machine will run more smoothly.


For smooth ink delivery and better ink supply for the print head, our machine has an intelligent ink supply system, which has a stirring motor and butterfly filter, which can effectively filter impurities and prevent precipitation; at the same time, in order to avoid the sudden situation of insufficient ink, which affects the printing efficiency, it also has an ink volume alarm function to ensure sufficient ink and realize intelligent ink supply.


This machine can also be used for two purposes, it can print flat products and cylindrical products, like the mug, water bottles, vacuum cups, something like that.


This printer is the best choice for printing the gift and the souvenir. It is also suitable for the troy industry, stationary industry, cosmetic industry, and advertising industry. If you want to know more details about our uv flatbed printers, just leave us a message. 

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The Advantages Of Nocai NC-UV0609X Printer

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