A2 Size Digital UV Flatbed Printer Machine Nuocai




1. Machine Model:NC-UV0406;

2. Printing Size:40*60cm;

3. Print head :1pcs EPSON XP600;

4. Printing Color:CMYK+WW;

5. Software:FlexiPRINT;

6. Ink Type:UV Ink;

7. Power Requirement:AC220/110V±10,50HZ~60HZ;

8. Image Format:Tiff,Jpg,Eps,Pdf,Png,AI,Psd;

9. Environment:Temperature:20℃-28℃,Humidity:35%-65%;

10. Printing Height:0-18cm;

11. Printing diameter:Φ3-12cm;

12. Dimension:139*90*67cm(L*W*H);

13. Packing size: 162*101*99cm(L*W*H)=1.62cbm;

14. N.W./G.W.:  110KG/200KG;

15. H.S code: 84433213.00

A2 Size Digital UV Flatbed Printer Machine Nuocai

1. NC-UV0406 uv printer, 4th generation a2 format uv printer which launched in 2019, 60*45cm print size, 18cm print height, 1pcs XP600 head, CMYK + WW printing version.

2. Small uv printer with 60*45cm print size, small space requirement suitable for both small workshop & bigger factory production line, available for variously kinds small items’ printing. 

3. The body cover protects the operator from accidental injury, and the acrylic cover prevents the UV light from hurting eyes.

4. Vacuum table helps to fix the extremely thin printing materials. 

5. 6 nozzles channels on the head prints with both color & white ink (CMYK+WW).

6. Self flush function setup in the board will be able to auto clean and protect the print head from clogging and expand its lifespan. 

7. 18cm print height allows the printer to print the materials within this height range and be able to install mug jig to print on cylinder and conical materials with 3-12cm diameter(no transparent and reflective surface ones). 



A2 Size Digital UV Flatbed Printer Machine Nuocai

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